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Meet Sandra

My name is Sandra, and I am a San Antonio, TX photographer.
Although I am based out of San Antonio, I have a love affair with traveling, and I love
visiting places like Denver CO. Florida, for photo sessions. I also have traveled to
Cuba and Mexico for special projects.

I use my camera as a way to create the kind of world that I crave and desire full of light,
beauty and vibrancy.
Now, I can’t stand here and say that I always knew I wanted to be a photographer.
Don’t get me wrong, I always loved photography it didn’t matter if I was behind, beside
or even in front of the camera.
I was completely spellbound.

I’ve never been much of a traditional artist.
I can barely draw a stick man and don’t even think of asking me to draw a heart, a star
or even a circle. Ha
I did discover that I am wildly creative and fierce. I have DREAMS that will make your
head spin.
The hobby of photography that I turned to as a teen, turned into a passion and a
business in my adult years.

Thanks for considering me as your photographer! I couldn’t be more delighted that you
are here.

4631 Vance Jackson rd suite 101C
San Antonio Tx.
(303) 324 7115